Inspired by the traditional pizza Romana and adapted for today’s British consumer, Folded pizza has been engineered to revolutionise the way gourmet pizza is consumed by offering an healthy, artisan meal that is not only delicious and filling, but portable!

Opening July 2022!

What’s Folded pizza?

The Folded Pizza is prepared using the classic Italian method of pizza dough preparation, for a softer inside and a gentle crunchy crust finish. Folded Pizza’s core ingredient is a dough that is a perfectly calibrated mix of different types of flour. The dough is then rested to ferment at 4/6 degrees for up to 2 days (48h), making it light and highly digestible, as the amount of yeast needed is only a fraction of that used in usual pizza dough.

Our simple story

Having been part of the food industry for over 15 years we have been able to keenly observe evolving consumer preferences. All of us are more aware than ever of the journey from the sourcing of ingredients to the plate. This has made everyone more discerning in their food preferences and facilitated a huge growth in new chain food concepts as well as independents offering an expanding range of eating experiences to cater for all dietary needs. The market has, therefore, become increasingly competitive and harder to penetrate in recent years.

Italian medieval architecture

Pizza however...

Pizza, however, remains a staple of the British diet and whilst there is an abundance of pizza-themed restaurants and take away counters, the “pizza to go” market is largely under-represented in our opinion. We have been waiting for it to emerge in the UK. Having seen it successful in other countries and versions of sliced pizza outlets holding their own, it is with great excitement that we can now present our unique offering, Folded.

The Original Italian Artisan Street Pizza

This is where we are now

We are building key partnerships with leading companies in the food retail industry so we can deliver a solid business model. The aim is to build a dynamic group of partners that forge a close, trusted, working relationship from the start and continue on the journey together. If you are interested in our concept and are passionate about your business then we would be happy for you to contact us!

Coming soon

Opening in spring 2022!